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The Cadillac of furnaces

Advanced combustion technology and state-of-the-art design have earned the Caddy furnace a reputation as the most efficient furnace ever produced by PSG-and with good reason! So how do you make a star product even better? With performance-enhancing electronics that take our flagship furnace to the next level.

Streamlined electronics and controls

The electronic components and controls of the redesigned Caddy have been reduced to just three components for greater ease of use and efficiency: 

  • An integrated PC board and RTD probe to control blower speeds and plenum temperatures, optimizing home comfort and furnace performance.
  • A blower assembly equipped with a prewired main power board for plug and play convenience upon installation.
  • A touchscreen LCD control module to make input and output control a breeze.

A unique heat exchanger system and outstanding performance

The secret behind the Caddy’s outstanding performance is its built-in heat exchanger system, which ensures that heat is transferred quickly and efficiently via the smoke ducts inside the furnace instead of being lost up the chimney. It uses up to 30% less firewood and reduces particulate emissions by as much as 80%. That’s great news for your heating bill-and the environment!

Alternate source of heat

With Caddy series furnaces, you’ll always have an alternate source of heat to ensure the comfort and safety of your family. The Caddy comes in four different configurations: wood-only, wood+electric combo, wood+oil combo, and wood add-on furnace.

NOTE: When installed as an add-on furnace, only a SERIES configuration is allowed in Canada.
The blower assembly is not required in a SERIES configuration.
Both PARALLEL and SERIES configurations are allowed in the USA.